My Mom Got a Tattoo!

I don’t think I could have been any more shocked than what I was the other day when my mom came over to my house. I didn’t even notice anything at first until she took her coat off, then I saw the large tattoo on her arm. My mom, with a tattoo! That just didn’t even make any sense to me. When she was done laughing, she explained that it was just a temporary tattoo that she had gotten on a trip with some of her friends. Once my shock wore off, I took a closer look at the tattoo, and I was really impressed with it.

I had to admit that it looked really great on her. My shock was not of the tattoo itself but rather that my very conservative mother would have one. read more

Best Solutions for a Bird Problem

Today I am on my computer to look for my options when it comes to bird control in NJ and try to find out information about getting rid of birds from your yard in general. I am not sure how easy it wil lbe to get rid of the birds, but I know that I want to do my best, and see how much it will cost as well. This all started because I used to be stupid enough to let my son feed birds in our yard. I did not think anything of it at the time, and figured that there was no harm in it.

I could not have been more wrong, because there has been a lot of problems with letting him feed the birds. The population of birds started increasing around my house almost immediately. read more