20 Simple Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know!

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    he talk to much

    plzzz post video summary

    I always stay nice & fresh but I hate it so much when kids in the locker room spray a shit ton of axe

    I got one question, are you gay? because you are over-exaggerating

    Cool guy, and a great advise.

    Great tips here! lol. Thanks for sharing this!

    If you want your eyebrows sculpted real nice…go to an electrologist…don't pluck them because that just makes them come back thicker.

    hey alpha, i love the grooming videos. ive always had clear skin and its been easy to take care of…. after 5 years in the army i no longer have to shave so of course i grow the FREEDOM BEARD. my face has started to break out more than it did when i was 16. please give a bearded guys a video on how to keep our skin clean under our beards.

    dude you are smooth, funny, and cool

    I didnt understand 18 ? Somebody?

    Powder them with what?

    POWDER YOUR BALLS???? o.O what does that do????


    That's what you call keeping it real Great

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