Got to Pack Up and Move

I am looking at a couple of storage places on the web this morning, because I am going to be sleeping on my cousin’s couch for a little while. Right now I am looking at and trying to figure out what it will cost to get some people to helpe me drag my stuff down there. I will need to find some person with a truck and that will suffice, so long as it is a person with a reasonably strong back. I know this one guy, but I can never find him and I got the feeling that he knows I want him to help me out and that is why he is not returning my calls. Of course he owes me a couple of pretty big favors, one of them identical to the one that I am going to be asking from him. He had no trouble finding me when he needed help with a move, but the foot is on the other shoe now.

It was always the understanding that I did not have a lease on this place and if the landlord knocked on the door he was probably going to tell me it was time to jump and go. So it would have been wiser not to have accumulated as much stuff as I did. My original plan was to just get things that I could part with easily. The sort of furnishings that you do not mind leaving on the corner for the trash people to collect. However I have a pool table now, a rather nice one. It was one of those offers that you could refuse, but it was way too tempting. I knew this fellow who owned it and who was going back to New Zealand. Obviously he was willing to sell it cheap.