Just Started Working for Baylor University

One of my best pals from college told me about this job. Of course he knew that I was qualified for the position and that it would be a real boon to me. My girlfriend is working in Waco already and that has been a huge problem for me. The two of us started looking at houses earlier this week and we think we have found a good place. I already checked the energy providers in this area and it looks as though Reliant Energy in Waco is the best choice for us. The house is tiny and we are going to be able to afford the down payment, although it is going to be pretty tough for us to do it. read more

A New Flat Roof That Reflects the Heat

I was putting off fixing the flat roof on the big garage we had behind our house. The reason we bought this place was the big garage. The former owner was a car enthusiast. The house and buildings were in great shape, but the roof was a little old on the garage. I called a place that does roof replacement in Brooklyn NY to come out and give me an estimate.

The old roof was a rubber membrane roof. One of those black ones with the welded seams that runs up the the sides of the roof where the block walls extend up over the rooftop making a ledge. The rubber is flipped up and over the block of the walls and has caps put in place over it. They are red terracotta and form a decorative edge. read more

Got a New Job for the Summer

I have just started working on a summer job while I am out of college. I was hoping to find something that would not involve a lot of hard work, but there was not much time to look around for the perfect job. I ended up taking a job with a tree service in Queens NY. It is not an easy job, but I am not really doing the tough part of the work. I am not ever off of the ground for one thing. The guy who knows what he is doing climbs the tree. He has the gear to do it and he goes up the tree with little effort. read more

I Know It Was All My Fault

I have to admit that I am someone who does not heed warnings well. So, when my wife told me that I needed to stop using so much toilet paper because our toilet doesn’t do a great job of flushing it with a lot of power, I did not pay much attention. I was also flushing other things down the toilet that were causing a problem, too. After about six months, I had to call for help with drain cleaning in Bronx NY to fix the situation.

My wife rushed in to point out that there was water all over the bathroom floor and our hallway. Apparently, the issue started the night before while we were sleep. The floor in the bathroom has a wood floor, and the hallway has carpeting. But underneath the carpeting is also wood flooring. read more