this shit is hilarious

    Let's hope mayweather brings a Taser than so he has a chance, 49-1 😉



    listen to floyds manager, conor will crush his guard, heart, and knock htfo. mark my words

    This all formatted bullshit

    these are both my guys but I think the circus shit is getting out of hand

    but non of them comments are racist yet Connor can't say boy

    some things are funny its conner lol we watched him become this over time ha ha but the ignorance of that tour is stupid thats not how you do it

    50 cent is a bitch and what exactly is 50 gonna do about it? Post a meme about conor? LOL

    the end bit was classic me myself and Irene but I ain't feeling that he calling 50cent a bitch that's crossing da line

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