7 Quick Tips to Prepare for a Dinner Party!

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    What's your favourite thing to bring to a BBQ?

    Is easy to do a utube channel

    I bring flan and cheese flan. My make it myself. Yummy.

    I make a delish cake and cupcakes

    melissa can you do a video on how to clean baby floor mats the abcs one please?

    Everyone requests my Texas Fudge (an eggs, cheese, jalapeno dish) to bring to the party. They also love my hominey casserole. Even people who do not care for hominey enjoy this dish.

    I think a variety of meat including non-mammal such as salmon burgers in addition to cheese is important whether it be sliced for crackers or made for hamburgers because vegetarians should have a choice too.

    Where did you get the plunger? I love the cubby that it goes in, versus my current plunger that when left next to the commode makes me feel like anyone that sees it is going to think that I have plumbing problems.

    I always light a candle in the powder room so it always smells fresh

    You're my favourite YouTuber!

    Where did he get his awesome Macho Man tee?

    What is that tool that you used to clean the sliding glass door!?? It looks amazing!

    A salad with English cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, fresh garlic (smashed and whole cloves just for the aroma); fresh dill is a must; for the dressing a good quality olive oil and lime juice

    fruit salad …its easy that guests can pick at.

    Drinks, plastic, or whatever they want me to bring

    Hi Melissa, to polish your silverware try with gin! Shiny and sparkling and once dry no odors at all!

    I'm usually the bake-type but in summer a lot of people don't enjoy cake as much so I bring salads instead

    I bought a new house (new construction), I have huge issue in cleaning paint on kitchen floor, bathrooms, white dust that doesn't wana go (even after you wipe it!) construction dust and materials stick everywhere, do u have any advice and tips

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