Amazing song!!!!

    Such a beautiful song!


    Hermosa cancion. Ahora solo falta la "full version" de Believe myself!!!!!!


    I love them

    That's amazing the the 80$ scene is dead in America,and here come these Jrockers playing it like it was still in time maybe we jumped the gun so far that we couldn't come back to it,but whatever,these Women and Gents,they got the mass appreciation for something we took for granted and turned it around and made it better and memorable,the Japanese have been through earthquakes and Tsunami,s and they still keep going,and that's what makes them so beautiful in the end,thier appreciation for life,and the love for survival,and the preservation for thier race,they really care about thier people,I just wish we did the same,and just let all that hate go..

    Oh my, look at Re:No being all emotional and what not lol she's cute 🙂

    You are the queens.

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