Best Mavic Pro Accessories | Katana Mavic Tray | Gimbal Lock | Landing Gear

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    Gotta love "Cinematic Footage!" 🙂

    No way noway bad gimbal lock…. 1 the plastic slides over the lens not good if flush… looks flush to me..could scratch lens 2 When you put that device on it forces you to put pressure on the entire camera aswell as the surronding components..the gimbal protector that comes with the camera is even better less pressure only 2 area's to watch closely it also stays away from lens.. As for the one with built in holder it is the best… Here's why it slides in to place with no resistance what so ever… When the tongue is lined up the rest is easy slide tabs in and clip bottom and with no pressure on camera at all.. and if there is your are putting it on wrong.. BECUASE THERE IS NO PRESSURE THEREs NO POTENTIAL FOR DAMAGE AND THE PROTECTOR BLUB DOESN'T TOUCH AT ALL THIS IS CLEARLY THE BEST ONE.. YOU SHOULDN'T LET FREE STUFF SWAY YOUR Decisions and if you really like it better then I am sorry for comment

    I have the Mavic Pro but also a Go ProHero , I think it's better to use my GoPro for this kind of footage 🙂

    Hi. Nice video thanks! Which drone do you think is louder when flying – the Mavic or Spark?

    Does it fly the same with the landing gear on? Thanks for sharing!

    What plane was that (only kidding)

    I like your videos but it felt like you tried to hard to mention Polar Pro at every possible moment. Gave it an advertising feel that I think your better than.

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