BEST WORST Biggest Longest ABSCESS BOIL ZIT GROWTH Cyst POP BURST EXPLODE (good at 5 min 30 sec)

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    Filthy finger nails near a horrible wound= blood poisoning= death.

    Dude your fingernails and hands are nasty. You are only going to make it worse.

    "What can I do while I'm sat in my car waiting for a mate? I know; I'll have a go at that abscess that's been troubling me this past few days. I've got some grubby pliers and a couple of old Starbucks paper napkins in the glove box. It'll be fine! No need to wash my hands,it's already infected. " Hope your arm didn't fall off.

    Unnoticed is the, "Serenity Prayer", tattoo underneath the abscess from a dirty about irony.

    Dirty Fingernails……using a pr. of Needle-Nose Pliers?
    If you don't have a serious infection in your body right now it's a F-ing miracle.

    First off, you'll get no judgement from me on how you got this infection! Secondly, wash your hands before you touch any infection!! It will get worse! Praying for ya!!!

    it just occurred to me that this guy is doing this in a car. WHY would you do that and where is all that puss going?

    why do people post videos when they have track marks and then wonder why they get boils?

    Maybe wash your filthy hands and you won't get such horrible infections.

    See a Dr.

    i literally had the same severity of abcess a few months ago from a missed cold shot dilaudid hit on my arm (muscled it, stupid me), i feel your pain, it was there for 3 weeks finally broke when i went to a walk in and got keflex (didnt wana go to the hospital they keep u there and ask questions etc i needed to keep using) it was so painful stunk so bad. fuck man gotta be careful guys


    Who the fuck puts him on the Junkie you thing. Could be sythnenol

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