Gifted Official Trailer #1 (2017) Chris Evans, Jenny Slate Drama Movie HD

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    This little girl will be amazing actress !

    if the girl is actually a kid her parents are gonna be like i cant believe my daughter is in Gifted why did i even agreed to do this? cause shes swearing in the movie and im talking about the little girl

    She's not gifted! SHE'S A FRICKIN GENIUS

    Captain America prevent another jenius to make another serum

    Will Stark recruit this little girl?

    this actually seems like a good movie

    god i fucking hate this bullshit… hurr durr erm her ferther, er know whats best for herr… fucking bullshit. How about you give her the best education she can geht so she can choose herself later down the road what she wants to do for the next 60 years instead of selfishly keeping her around for a bit longer.

    "He's a good person, he wanted me before i was smart" -Mary

    When is it getting released?!

    Just saw this film and I highly recommend. It's a bit of a tearjerker, but a good story. A line or two in the dialogue dragged me out of the film, but otherwise great.

    reminds me of matilda

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