Hilarious! 'Won't you come to the food museum?" I'm also living with an untidy person who hoards food.. found navy blue oranges and courgettes with beards, WTF!!

    Lyndsey is a lucky lady

    Damn you talking about breeze blocks, I shouldn't of started to try and drink tea the moment you mentioned that….So fuckin true hahaha

    One of your funniest one's Russell!

    No offence Russ but your a cunt

    my husband is saying your totally right I collect all shit


    You thinks that's bad. My husband came on a holiday of a lifetime to Mauritius with a whole suitcase full of sundry "paperwork" that he needed to sort through and file. He spent most of the holiday making piles around the apartment of these papers and fretting that he wasn't getting anywhere with it. He is now my ex husband.

    Such an unlikeable twat. You can stick him and Jack Whitehall up yer arse.

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