Google – Year In Search 2016

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    " and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love!" most beautiful and heart warming sentence! Everytime I see it, I get gooses bumps and tear up


    Why does almost every mouth or eye align with the search bar in the video

    0:15 🙁

    and then Trump becomes president of the USA, the pillarstone for modern democracy and freedom… 2 months have gone and he's tried twice to ban several muslim countries and their refugees, living with fear for their lives, denying them access to a better life.
    Shame on you Trump voters! SHAME. ON. YOU!

    The last three google "A Year In Search" videos have been so inspiring. You really begin to wonder why there is so much hate, prejudice, and discrimination in the world after watching this.

    So much better then Youtubes 2016 rewind

    Its too yankee for me sorry

    Look at bird on 0:50

    This video is so powerful and so profound

    I'd have a realy bad year… one of the most important person in my life dead… I loss the most of my friend, I have depression, I'm like always sad and tired and every morning i put a mask in to my face so nobody see my pain. Everybody think I have a perfect life…

    Cant watch it without crying god dammit.

    0:40 that's my prime minister right there☺

    Who can tell me,what's the background music.THX.

    Awesome video!

    I screamed when I heard Grace Vanderwaal also can we get rid of youtube rewind and focus more on this yeah that'd be great

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