Interview: After Great Start, Roger Federer Eager For MercedesCup Return

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    2:30 He's also planning to play Halle too? I don't think he is gonna play the French Open as he'll be too tired. And I'm not sure he needs to play too grass court tournaments. But Roger knows best what to do.

    No point in playing the French in my opinion, he's won it already, he'll be super tired ahead of grass where his best chance is to win Wimbledon, and we don't want him to play Rafa on clay because he'll get into Roger's head again, we don't want that.

    What do you think folks, North korea will start WW3 , will world come to an end ?

    Fuck the French , he needs to work towards winning Wimbledon that's the ultimate goal of the season plus the US open , clay takes a lot out of the body at this stage in his career he does not need it , do a clean sweep at the grass tournament and yes get that Mercedes car too while your at it lol

    If I could, I would shove a RF 97 racquet up Donkey Kong's ass.

    I don't think Roger is going to play at Roland Garros as it is too close to Mercedes Cup. RG finishes on 11th June and MC starts on the 12th June so leaves no time for a break plus the change from clay to grass. Can he do it?

    I really wanted him to win RG.

    Federer is clearly building the rest of his year around trying to win an 8th Wimbledon title.

    rojer u r always class player

    I just love how he always tells himself to play free and with nothing to lose! He knows now that's the key to his success at this stage, and if he keeps this mindset we could see him winning another Grand Slam really soon 🙂 what a legend!

    Yeah right Fed. Keep saying that when EVERYONE KNOWS that his number 1 target is winning Wimbledon…

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