Sad AF. Should've said "Life of Rural lower 48 America." Alaskan educated nate from a rural village here. Nice to see the land you kind of stole from the In-Gins is being trampled on by western Euro descent and to make it more disgusting, COWS (which emit methane as a byproduct greenhouse gas) and starchy simple sugared corn.. Please, continue to get fat. Eat red meat and increase simple carb intake with that stuff. You obviously have no idea nor inclination what "rural" is. Ever taken a ferry or plane or dogsled to your hometown? Thought so. Sad af.. So sad that people like you attempt to make theses vids when all I would like to view is actual "rural" when I use a search tool for it. So sad. Seriously, go kill yourself

    Que vídeo incrível!!!

    Hi Jon Ketelhut, I am a John Ketelhut too. You can use any of my songs, Mystic Fog Garden, for any of your videos.

    good work, thank you for sharing.

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