awesome, deesser pls

    Thanks for your excellent demo and coining the phrase 'Literate DevOps'!

    Hi, how did you make this presentation in org? I want to do a similar presentation

    This is ridiculously awesome.

    I’ve created a summary of this talk: https://gist.github.com/Profpatsch/abda97a7b635f876e29f544a26840666

    Thanks Howard. That was really interesting makes me wonder how I can use this at work.

    Oh man, so fnghhgg cool!!!

    truly awesome stuff

    Seriously amazing stuff! Thanks!

    Thank you for taking the time to showcase this really great idea. Really great presentation! Literate devops is the way to go for daily devops operations. This begs for a follow up !

    Did you try to make the tramp and babel run asynchronously (so one can keep on using emacs during execution of commands)? And how do you protect emacs from freezing when tramp freezes on more difficult output?

    Hi, some pretty cool stuff. Do you know how to nicely close a session though? If I execute a "setup" session i.e, ssh somehost and then immeadiately execute again I'm running the 2nd time within the shell of the first. This can lead to unexpected results in code blocks later.

    wow … just wow thank you 🙂

    Thanks for publishing this stuff, Howard, this has really helped me a LOT. Your essay is one of the main reasons I got into orgmode after using Emacs just for editing for many, many years!

    Is it just me or do the :PROPERTIES: not work. I have to use the following syntax:

    :header-args: :dir Reporter

    The style in the video is much more convenient/easy to remember. Is there a way to have them? Also for the header-args version I have to hit C-c C-c after adding the new args in order to add them to the buffer session.

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