Soothing, but very repetitive. After 40 minutes I felt that I was stuck. Went to one of many YouTube early music (medieval and Renaissance) videos. Still light fare, but a lot more interesting.

    Good morning from Egypt , i just take my coffee & listen to this nice music : i love so much …so relax…thank you so much ….:)

    This is not "One, two, three… hour of relaxing music"… This is one hour of the same song. Es tut mir leid, sehr schlecht. :/ Y sí, buscaré otras.

    Good morning from Kansas

    I really love this peaceful music when I get up or when I read. Thanks.

    Great, I love it

    Perfect with my wake and bake on this sunny and cold winters morning! ❄

    Beautiful and so cozy <3

    Fantastic and perfect music! My respect

    Lovely Music

    Whoa.. this is amazingly beautiful

    This is the best music. I wake up every morning at 5:30 am and study. Today I tried this music and it helped me be more focused and go faster than usual. Awesome!!!! Such a masterpiece….

    Wunderschöne Musik, so fängt der Tag gut an!

    Amazing music, thank you!

    this to me isnt helping me wake up its making me want to sit in a deck chair in a garden on a sunny afternoon. ill just go back to the radio 2. Its beautiful music though. 🙂

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