My Mom Got a Tattoo!

I don’t think I could have been any more shocked than what I was the other day when my mom came over to my house. I didn’t even notice anything at first until she took her coat off, then I saw the large tattoo on her arm. My mom, with a tattoo! That just didn’t even make any sense to me. When she was done laughing, she explained that it was just a temporary tattoo that she had gotten on a trip with some of her friends. Once my shock wore off, I took a closer look at the tattoo, and I was really impressed with it.

I had to admit that it looked really great on her. My shock was not of the tattoo itself but rather that my very conservative mother would have one. The tattoo was a quote that she really loves, and one that she tries to live by every day of her life. It made sense to me that she would choose this as a tattoo. Just that she even chose a tattoo was what I had to come to grips with. She explained to me that the group of four friends had all decided to do something they never thought they would, and they all agreed to get temporary tattoos.

The thing with my mom though is that she loves seeing that quote on her arm every day. When she is troubled, or in need of inspiration, she just looks at her arm, and it works every single time. She told me that she was going to have it done as a permanent tattoo, with a few dainty flowers in color around it. I thought that this was a great idea, and we are going next week for her to have it done. I may even get something small myself!

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