Nintendo Switch TOO SUCCESSFUL for Nintendo to Handle? – The Know Game News

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    Artificial Shortages are what they created, like they created with the Amiibos. I don't hate them for it, because it's quite a smart marketing strategy.

    Short answer: yes
    Long answer: yaaaaaaaaaaaaas

    Makes no sense to even imply Nintendo is creating artificial shortage. The NES classic was discontinued after a very short time. Nintendo wants Switches on shelves so they can sell them. They didn't know the system was going to blow up like this.

    I'm just waiting for a Pokemon release before I buy one (in NZ)

    "We're making TOO MUCH MONEY! Everyone panic!" Oh, poor Nintendo…
    I understand these sensationalist headlines get you the most clicks, but come on guys. Nintendo is NOT "too successful."

    Mine is finally coming!!!! I waited so long and I can't wait till I get back in the afternoon and start playing

    @7:20 Mica needs to call Nintendo if her joycon is desyncing! I called the first week the Switch came out and they paid for my shipping, overnight both ways. Got my left joycons fixed and returned in two days after sending em out. Haven't had any sync issues since I got em back

    How to get a switch cheap

    1/1 uhm go to china

    They're all in Mexico, where we can't afford it. T-T

    They better not do this with the NX.

    i have mine but i need more games that i will actually get addicted too

    It prints money.

    Did not realise there was a shortage. I walked into my local EBgames and was able to pick one up without issue. (went to over priced eb as I was trading in my Wii U)

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