I swear to god… If the fucking cute hippo monster gets killed in this movie… I… Am never going to see… Another fucking movie made by this guy. It will piss me OFF.

    The Last Guardian: The Movie

    I've been waiting to see a real Netflix trailer of this

    Damn!!! Who does that little asian girl think she is Wesley Snipes

    GLEN is Alive !o.O xD

    Okja – Raise of the vegans

    See Hollywood? Original fucking movies! The one thing missing in your industry. This is what people want to see!

    Thank you Netflix


    Michael Bay's The Last Guardian?

    What name músic

    Giancarlo Esposito is in this? Time to bust out the old box cutter

    PETA where yall at ?

    A movie about a little farmer girl who causes famine world wide. Alright.


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