Paper Mario TTYD: Old Don Pianta – PART 90 – Game Grumps

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    Arin neglecting the important fact about 127 hours in that it is a true story.

    It's been over half a year. Is this garbage boring game ever going to end?

    P O O R L Y

    When Gulp half-misses and a Piranha Plant just flies through the air.

    obviously more than 100 parts are gonna be out.

    paper mario games are so long.

    Don Pianta has not been seen since until he rised under a new name in florida

    Snurgles: yes, yes, YESSSSSS!
    me: DADDY LIKE

    Is anyone gonna notice that the skeleman dude changes to black and grey

    cabrón = fucker

    Don pianta: Your da Boss Frankie
    (My name is Frankie) me: wait what? I don't even know you man first am forceful married to ya daughter and now I run your family business why me? lol

    I wonder if Dan has those moments where his brain just freezes like Avi.

    no doodle doods today?

    I love all of the Luigi jokes so much xD

    Lol, I love Arin's Beldam voice. Such a classical rendition of the over-the-top crone character archetype.

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