President Donald Trump waves to fans from skybox at U.S. Women’s Open

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    What an inspiration to the Asian golfers they completely took over the tournament after he showed up

    I'm not even an American but I love President Donald Trump!

    God Bless President Trump. Love and Prayers from India.

    Any sport that has to have more quiet than what the people were doing at the end of the video needs to suck it up. They should learn to play with a little noise.

    Every time I see videos of POTUS on YouTube, it seems that the reaction is usually very positive. It seems that Trump is more liked that the media would have you think

    Best President in history.


    smart people.

    I've noticed Trump's core demo tend to be people with jobs.

    Great & Best President!!!!!!

    "We still got play going on. If we could keep noise to a minimum." ????
    There's CHEERING all the time at professional golf tournaments. ALL the time.

    Someone FIRE that Fkkkn DoooshBag.

    Thank GOD for TRUMP for Women.

    My President

    I mean the President of the United States

    Ladies watch out a sexual predator is in the house

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