Raw presser: Coach Pop ‘pops off’ on Zaza after Kawhi’s injury

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    Zaza knew what he was doing he's team is getting hammered at home and he tries to take out the opponents best player

    Please save Zaza! Poppe is gonna beat his ass lol

    Typical hypocritical jackass, Pop's players do the same thing. In game 2 Aldridge did it to Durant. Not a peep out of Pop. I respect what Pop has done for the Spurs, but he's a jackass. He's a jackass to the media all the time, they are just trying to do their job, and he acts like a total ass to them. And he's a hypocrite on stuff like this Zaza incident.

    In my world of boxing, we call that an intentional low blow.
    I believe Leonard wants to play, and will play. Depending on inflammation. Give him an inflammatory, and tape him up well. He's a warrior!

    the rule should be if a player, as a result of the negligence of an opposing player, gets injured and is forced to miss a game(s) due to the injury, the negligent player who caused the injury should be forced to sit the same number of games.
    In other words, we dont know if Zaza was doing this intentionally, but we can all agree that he was negligent. Zaza should be forced to miss all games that Kawhi misses due to the injury.

    I would ask him where he was when Bowen used to to these same things

    I dig all that, but it ultimately became outlawed because of his guy, one of the all-time defensive threats…..Bruce Bowen! He was NOTORIOUS for doing what Zaza did and there was nothing to say. Years later, it's come back to bite you. Jacked up, but Karma doesn't care who she fucks.

    I don't believe it to be intentional. Look at KD and what happened with him. Zaza took him out and that's his teammate! He's just one clumsy fucka. Javale McGee pt. 2. lol

    whether they had kawhi or not gsw is still going to win!!!!

    That's like if the Cavs lost LeBron. You think that would matter? Well look at how the Cavs did when he was in Miami, and that should give you your answer

    Fuck that faggot pachulia
    for ruining playoff basketball.

    Warriors' coach – can't do anything even teach your players.

    What best they can do – buy best player of each team – dream to become the champion

    Hope KD dream is will never come

    shit does no ones remember how he set a moving pick on russ? and knocked him on his ass? zaza IS a dirty player

    I agree with Pop

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