Squeeze – October 15, 2016 – Port Chester – Complete Show

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    I was there that night. They were spot on. And LOUD as hell. Great show.

    Generally, I am not a fan of fan shot videos.

    However, the colours on this are really vivid and the sound quality is tops.

    Wow. Fantastic audio. You got a board mix!!!! Was at The Paramount, NY show. These guys get better with age. Thank you.

    just got my tickets for pontardawe 2017 I can't wait

    Thank you for posting this show i miss it !!!!!!!!!! Great Bang !!! Love them !!!!

    Thanks for this, fantastic!

    Never seen Squeeze live. Always wanted to. Thanks for posting!

    I mean no insult to the dick face nerdfuck on piano – but he is NOT Jools. Not even fucking close. This 80's reject was embarrassing to look at. Sorry, but replacing Jools with "Fuckboy 80's Hair lol" is like replacing Keith Richards with "Jim What Lives Down The Street".

    One of the greatest bands in the history of life, music, and everything. But Squeeze is not Squeeze unless Jools is there.

    The best Example how one can live from talent and hard work. You dont have to sign the "contract" with the "Master" like Bob Dylan called him in an interview, which you can find on youtube. Ive never seen these guys constantly throwing "one eye symbolism", "devils horns handsigns", "baphomet figures", "pyramids", "666 handsigns", alone that is different from the music industry we see normally. But thats the bad thing, they are one exception to the rule!

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