Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

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    con esta canción me dan ganas de fumarme una hectarea de pasto

    That was amazing

    i dedicated this song to my ex.. she told me this song.. now everytime i listen this song, it hits me right in the feelings.. and then i break down.. oh baby why did you leave me for him? 🙂

    The best Fucking music video tripping on acid, it takes you somewhere. All of them. Tame impala!

    I don't know why, I found out about this video like 8 months ago (when I overcame my fear of DHMIS and watched the whole series) and I'm already feeling nostalgia watching it again.

    So I discovered this band for the second three days ago and have finally been totally mesmerized by them. Listen to them every chance I get.

    I like Occurance's mix of this much better.

    Love Tame Impala, but why is it on the Witch House playlist I'm listening to?

    amo el siglo 21

    Does anyone else see Hitchcock's head in the thumbnail

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