The Bite-Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich | Lunch Candy | Disney Junior

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    ice cream and cotton is not good

    cotton candy and ice cream is bad for you

    Scott Menville is awesome.

    Dude voiced Fraz Flub, Toby Danger, Kevin French, Robin and a piece of Broccoli.


    hes a hero made of bread that all the people dread hes unhealthy through and through and vegan he wants you!
    so when you eat a cake just smash it in his face! SAM SANDWICH!!

    1:37: does this seem a bit inaproppriate?

    I do love ice cream but i don't eat it everyday.

    I know who was serving Cotten candy and ice cream and someone who like to make kids eat surgery sweets it was sweet tooth she wants to make kids sick by making serving them sugery sweets

    Sam Sandwich you do the best episodes and I do my best to eat healthy

    hi sam


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