The Mission to Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth

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    what type of dog was that at the start

    Next few hundred years and we all have small raptors as pets instead of dogs.

    Y'all lowkey cloning people. Murica don't front

    I'm not sure were I stand on this subject because on one hand yes I do want to get Jurassic park but if I really think about it I mean wont It kind of degrade the value of live and how Precious your dog is I mean I would never clone my dog just out of the respect and how emotional it would be but if someone did clone my dog I would be very angry at first then I would love and care for it

    when are scientist gonna stop playing god its relatively harmless now but what gonna happen when they start this shit on a t-Rex are something

    so we don't actually need men anymore?

    Did this guy just say he tried Mammoth meat?


    We aren't playing god.
    If god is real then he is just letting us do this.
    Since if he wouldn't want us to clone something he wouldn't give us the ability to.

    Why the hell would you want to waste time resurecting a mammoth?! okay lets say you resurrect it, great now its a giant herbivore with zero competition wrecking the ecosystem. OR its thick fur causes it to overheat and they all become extinct in a few weeks of being born.

    mammoth steak…

    The Christians saying that we cant do this. Think of it this way. We hunted it to extinction in a time where we needed the food to survive. And now that we have food in abundance, we can bring it back. Its oddly poetic.

    What I don't get is these animals went extinct for a reason for example, im no scientist but I would guess the climate had something to do with the mammoths demise. So why would they think it would stay alive today? If it went extinct thousands of years ago due to the warming of the world… What makes it any better to live today?

    i wish they could bring a Trex back.

    Don't worry guys this duplicating glitch will be fixed in the next update

    12:30 Boi

    Why though? Don't we have enough to occupy ourselves with in all the urgent climate issues, let's put some effort into saving ourselves first rather than a species we've never even met before (and weren't supposed to)… lmfao

    The only real reason it's even considered is for our own primitive enjoyment and to feel somewhat important.
    Curiosity killed the cat, they say.

    That mother dog looks sad.

    Clone a t-rex and then replace its brain with a dog brain. I know, I'm a genius.

    In the future can we all just agree to rename South Korea, "Kamino"

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