Wale – Ambition (ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) (Prod. By T-Minus)

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    300 Gang

    I miss u bro this song reminds me of yo my nigga ima trap out in da ville fo u bro Newark NJ RIP Bizza

    RIP to my big bro bizza


    I'm still f**kin with this in 2017 goes so hard

    A man no ambition is a man with no drive!

    2017 needs like this music back

    Truth. Nothing else needs to be said about this song. Shit keeps my mind straight.

    Listening through my Playlist I created from a year, cool memorys 😀

    THE T-MINUS???????????????????????????????

    Realist shit ever ,this song gives me the chills from all my crazy memories I been thru

    damn meek Lilly it

    Anyone notice this is a spit copy of Kodak Blacks Ambition… Like bruh the lyrics are straight ripped from the song, come on now SMH.. Not to mention the instrumental is just a better produced version.

    who bumping in 2017?

    20etc listening

    2017 next 2023/listen ✌ turkey ✋

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