YouTuber JonTron Gets Called RACIST!!! She Showed P*ssy on Stream, Paul Joseph Watson vs Jesse

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    scarce has awful opinions, stick to reporting things. Also lol at saying "speaked"

    So, Muslims have really retarded beliefs search it fucking up. They think that semen comes from the spine.

    Jon has a point :/ why have a bitchfit with him?

    I have bell notification on and haven't been getting your videos in awhile so i thought you died.

    not racist, not a nazi

    honestly i dont agree with what johntron said but he has a freedom of speech

    I made sure YouTube's thought I was a sad 50 year old just in case I was unsubbed

    And here's a Hero to all nazis

    #killJohn Tron I want to kill John Tron

    hey what's up guys it's Scarce here

    Thank you for clearing this up

    JonTron is racist


    Jon was just stating statistics

    Calm. The fuck. Down.

    "These guys were both going at it" -scarce 2017

    yea these are so controversial, Scarce! Fuckin PC culture everywhere. you shouldn't even be called scarce, you should be called Surplus.

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